Monday, September 10, 2012

Shoes for the New School Year

It has been an exciting August and September for us as we went searching for the neediest kids to bless with new school shoes for the year. The students here on Isla Mujeres must have uniforms to attend school and along with that, proper shoes. We sought out the families that we have been ministering to over the years and picked out a few of them for school shoes. It is always a hard decision to make as to who gets them and who doesn't. We have been blessed by PEACE Org. here, who has for the last two years donated money towards our efforts to keep these feet protected. This year we took their money and some of yours and 20+ kids got school shoes. If you think it is an adventure to go buy school shoes in the states, then come on down and we will show you a whole new way of doing it. First we had to go and contact the families and let them know what we wanted to do for them. Next, is deciding when a good time would be to meet them at the store. Then, explaining which store we wanted to meet them at. That could take us all day since "Lost in Translation" takes on a whole new meaning. After arriving at the store, we pray that they remember to come on the correct day and so we sit and wait patiently. Some show and some don't, so
for those that do, we get out the catalogs and start searching. We give them a basis for cost and then stand back and watch. They can spend hours wishing and hoping over some of the shoes, but we try and keep them focused on school shoes. Once ordered, then we have to set a date to meet them there again to pick up the shoes. Hopefully they remember and that they fit. If they don't fit, then we go through the whole process one more time with catalogs, wishing, hoping and finally ordering another pair. You might be asking, why not just order the same shoes just a size or two bigger? Well, they might not have them in that size or can't find it in the catalog since that catalog has disappeared. We had one pair delivered and they were both 26's, but one was a Chica and the other a Mujer. That means one was for a girl and the other for a woman. They have all received their shoes after a 6 week span
and are happy campers at school. Even though it is a long process, the most important thing of all is, we get to continue to build relationships with the families here and that the kids get to go to school. Thanks PEACE and our other faithful donors for keeping the process moving forward.

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