Friday, October 25, 2013

A little bit goes a long way

Greetings from the land of sunshine and sunshine. We are grateful today for the cloud cover and North winds here on Isla Mujeres that is keeping the temperature down a few degrees. As we have stated in previous posts, 2-3 degrees here on the Island is a huge swing for us. It has been very warm for October with inside temperatures hanging around 90 in the afternoons and cooling off to 86 at night. Today we woke up to a pleasant 81 and it is holding at 82. Our past month has been a busy one with us moving once again and we have settled in for a long winters nap as to say. We have moved into the Colonials and it is amazing how many sounds we get to hear each day and recognize the services rendered with each blast of a horn, banging of wrenches on propane tanks, speakers blaring, or a whistle letting you know the knife sharpening man is coming down the street. We did not get to experience these wonderful events out in our other home and we are enjoying it on a daily basis. We have posted before about a blind woman who has two young daughters we met years ago named Jenny. We have taken a special likening to them and have tried to help out as much as possible without getting in the way. In Septembers post, little Candi and Nancy are seen getting new school shoes and on this day, Nancy informed us that Candi had been in the hospital in CanCun due to the living conditions in their home. Dirt floor+animals+rain+humidity+???= not a good situation. She told us they would really like a new floor so Candi would not get sick anymore. So off we went and we prayed about how we could be of service to them. Well, God placed a couple in our path a few months ago that have a ministry called "Keys 4 Life". Knowing what they stood for and their hearts desire, we contacted them about praying for Jenny and the girls. I told them around $300.00usd would give them a new floor and a gift of this magnitude would forever change their lives. Two days later Ken and Debbie contacted us and said, "It is a go." Praise God for giving hearts and a ministry answering this prayer request. Without the two of us being involved in the actual organizing or work, we contacted others folks on the Island and they got a new floor. The joy in their faces speaks for itself and we give God the glory in seeing how He brings it all together as we seek out His will and ask for His covering. We continue to be simple servants for His Kingdom and conduits of His provisions as we make new friends around our new home and pray that they see Jesus in all we do. $300.00usd is not a lot by our standards but for these folks, it is a huge chunk of money that seems impossible to come up with at one time. Jenny's dad wanted to delay the project so he could help. He has a bad knee and he takes medicine that costs him $50 pesos (about $4.00usd) a week so he can get around pain free. He had not been able to afford the medicine for the last 2 weeks and thought if we waited for another week or so, he would be able to get $50 pesos together so he could help. Our friend that spearheaded the project gave him the $50 pesos and dad got to help out plus he got to be blessed by helping out his daughter. Yes, a little bit does go a long way for these folks here and we are so thankful to God for allowing us to see this and keep life in perspective. Lend a hand when you can, bless the socks off of someone out there, and do it for the glory of God. Remember, a little bit does go a long way for someone.