Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We continue to be amazed at the speed of time as we love on the kids here on Isla Mujeres. We get up with good intentions to update our blog and then the next thing we know, 4 months have passed. Life is that way no matter where you live we believe and it is a simple reminder to us to complete the tasks before us as God lays them on our hearts each day. Do we tend to say "Tomorrow" with so many little events (Not that our Blog is a little event) that come before us throughout the day and then realize that it has slipped away for a month or more? Since our last post, we have handed out 100's of shoes to the kids here and are always so humbled and blessed by the support of so many. Every pair is given in the name of Jesus and every foot loved on as we enter into the lives of so many here. Friends from Canada brought down 65+ pairs of soccer shoes for the kids and another family just left after handing out over 100 pairs of shoes while here. A soccer Co-op donated the shoes and the Holden families church group cleaned them all up for the journey down. The Leonard triplets sold cookies and lemonade for a year to be able to buy shoes and what a blessing to see 12 year old triplets wanting to serve kids who are less fortunate than them. We are in the process of getting school shoes for special kids that we have come to know throughout the 6+ years we have been here. Yesterday, we started out just to see if the shoe store was open, to see if they were having school, and to maybe buy a few pair. God moved in a mighty way as we ended up buying shoes, finding the kids that are scattered around the Island and also coming upon the man that sells shoes from his V.W. van for a living. When we got home we sat in amazement how it had all come together for us and thanked God for every piece of the puzzle. When we sat back and relived the day, 20 seconds either way in our journey would of meant missing the kids as they were walking home from school, standing on a corner,riding their bikes, etc.. What a treat to be able to come driving down the road and see Dyna just standing there looking around in the middle of the Colonias and to pull up and hand her a pair of school shoes. Off we went down the road to get a new toilet seat, (yes a toilet seat was our agenda during this leg of the journey), and then to have Isleni come walking across the street playing with her top. Joy filled our hearts as she went running towards her home as fast as she could go with her new shoes. Another prayer answered as we had not seen her for a couple of months not knowing
if she had moved from the Island or to a new house. Blessed for sure since where we saw her she was not close to her home but praise be to God, because He knew where she was and placed us there at the exact time needed. We love seeing God work this way as we asked for directions in our day and He answered them above and beyond our wildest imaginations. We will try to do better in keeping the blog updated in the future so that those of you that read it can be blessed along with us as God moves here on Isla through us. Blessings wherever you are and however God is using you for His glory.