Monday, October 22, 2012


A term we have heard most of our life used by sailors abroad. The course is set, and the captain shouts, "Steady as she goes". We continue to remind ourselves of this as God has set the course we are on and we are to hold course, and keep it steady. We had the opportunity to hand out shoes this past weekend, thanks to folks from all over that continue to bring shoes, and buy some here on the Island for our ministry. Carl from Canada left shoes with Marcia, Jackie brought shoes from Oregon as well as ones Cindy , from Texas left with her, and Audrey also from Texas pitched in as well in fitting shoes. Great time was had by all as we were greeted by Shelly and her Mom asking if we wanted to use their home to hand out shoes. Tables were hauled in from surrounding homes and it was a community effort to get us set up for the kids. Over 125 pairs were handed out along with some school supplies. Who would of thought that even if they did not get a pair of shoes that they would be jumping with joy over a single pencil or a pencil sharpener. Shayla, our little helper from one of the other homes we use showed up out of nowhere and took charge with the pencils and other supplies. It is so rewarding to see the kids get involved with our outreach and minister to each other. It is easy to wonder if we are making a difference as we go, yet we keep our course and God reminds us with each adventure, "Steady as she goes." The following day we were downtown checking on our status with the ferry cards and a dear friend came over to say hello. He asked me how our kids were and I replied that our son was fine. He smiled and asked me again but added "Your kids in Guadalapana?" He told us that he was there the other day making a delivery and was talking with some of the kids. He informed us that they may not know the name of their dad but they all know Gregorio and Natalie. We continue to inch along the course God has set for us and with each rising of the sun, we hear that command, "Steady as she goes." We trust in our Captain as we look to the future and thank everyone that is helping us stay the course.

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  1. Thank you for the timely word and reminder to stay focused and steadily moving along on the path that God has chosen for us. While they are all different, they lead us in the same direction and towards reaching the goal of our faith. Praying for continued awareness of God's Presence, His Joy and His strength, health and provision. Be blessed with His Abiding Graces!
    Cheri D.