Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ministry where you would least expect it

As we continue to pursue the things that God has for us on Isla Mujeres, He continues to show us His ways are bigger and better than we could ever imagine. As we were down on the little beach club in front of our home yesterday, a gentleman came up to me and wanted to know if I could help him. He had been looking for a boat to take him and his friends fishing and could not find one. The Lord brought to mind our friend who is a captain on a boat but has been laid up for 5 months from a Moto accident. I told him I would call David and ask if he could line up a boat for them knowing that he would get a commission for his efforts. David is trying to get enough money together for the surgery he needs to remove the 12 rods in his leg from the accident and every Peso that he can get is a huge blessing. Well, we made the deal and they gave me $150.00 for the deposit and I gathered the information for them as to where and who to meet for their trip. Taking this over to their house they answered the door with sorry but our friend has already booked a trip and paid in full so please cancel our trip. I said no problem and will return with your deposit. Since we have lived here, God has guided us not to miss an opportunity to share our testimony with all we meet when asked, "How did you end up on this Island?" I had shared the story and added a few other details about our life here while on the beach earlier before they had left. Well, As I was about to leave to get the deposit, they said, "We want you go give that money to your friend to help with his medical bills." I stood in awe of how God uses us to help those in need. So today, David is calling the doctor to set up his surgery date and get the rods taken out. We praise God for allowing us to witness such amazing things as this and we press on for His glory and honor with shoes for little feet and hearts to touch with His love. I almost forgot, which is easy to do most of the time since God blows us away every time we turn around is the detail that is very amazing in all of this story. The folks that gave the money are from Bend, Oregon, our home town. AMAZING... AMAZING... AMAZING God we serve.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The New year has started off with great things already as God continues to open the doors for us here on the Island. We returned from our trip to Oregon where we spent Christmas with family. Two days after being back, friends from Bend, Oregon arrived with blessings of fellowship and support for the locals. We bargained with a local shop owner and ended up with 60 blankets to hand out. This was the best need, as the weather here on Isla Mujeres is some of the coldest they have had since 1967. You forget that temperatures in the 60's makes sleeping in a hammock uncomfortable. We brought back with us shoes, toothbrushes, paste and clothing from Oregon to hand out this next week and continue our task of just simply loving on these wonderful people. The tourist trade has not really surged back up to where it used to be so they struggle along here day by day but we are, as always, touched by their gracious attitudes and warm welcomes. Please pray that Gods favor continues on our ministry and we apply ourselves to truly learning their language so that the message of Christs love for them is plain and clear.