Sunday, August 31, 2014


Greetings from the Island of Isla Mujeres:

Once again 6 months slipped by and here we are trying to catch you up to date.   Many shoes have gone out to the kids here since March with one special family standing out.  They are our friends from Canada and such a blessing to us as friends and to the ministry as well.  The Holdens come to the Island on a regular basis and never visit empty handed.  This past trip they came with 30+ pairs of new soccer shoes and enough jerseys to give 7 teams matching tops.  They do not have sponsors for the teams here so they just show up in anything they have that might resemble a soccer uniform and have fun.  Soccer shoes, tennis shoes, barefoot, long pants, shorts pants.  Nobody cares because they have come to play soccer and have fun.  No fashion statements to be made, so when the Holden family handed out the jerseys on this night, smiles from both kids and parents were plentiful.  They all look like Professionals running around chasing one another and sometimes the ball as well.  We are blessed beyond measure and continue to reach out to these wonderful folks that allow us to live on this Island of beauty.  Along with the soccer shoes, we have handed out over 400 pairs of shoes since March and more keep showing up from folks visiting the Island on vacation and dropping off their donations.  We do not get to meet a lot of these kind donors but are so grateful for them to keep supplying the
shoes that allow us to go and love on these precious kids.  Thanks to all of you.