Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ministry that never stops

We start each and every day seeking out guidance, through the word of God, as to what He would have us do. The opportunities to reach out to this beautiful culture which surrounds us are never ending. It would be easy to get stretched very thin trying to help those in need each day here, but the Lord's encouraging words to us have helped us remain focused on the kids and shoes. He reminds us that we can't do everything, but that we CAN do something. We see feet with no shoes each day while traveling on our Moto to pay bills, grocery shop, visit friends, etc. At this time of year, especially, we understand that the locals prefer to go barefoot a lot of the time as they go about their day, and that just because they are barefoot, it does not mean they don't have shoes to wear. (Sometimes they have "a pair" of shoes and they want to save them to keep them nice!) All in all, however, God continues to be faithful in guiding us to the areas where we can sit down on the curb, use someones house, or visit a special family and hand out shoes. We trust that they get on the right feet and know that they will get worn in the days to come. As we continue our ministry here, more days than not, we are greeted with yells of "Gregorio!" and "Natalie!" as we zoom around on our moto. It brings us so much joy knowing that we are connecting with the kids here, and that their parents recognize us as we seek to establish relationships. We do not get to meet a lot of the parents when we go out due to the fact that they are both out working or gathering the daily supplies for the family. Without running water, refrigeration, electricity, and storage space, the daily chores that we used to do in the states in an hour, can take all day for the folks here.
God has specifically placed the feet of the children here before us and faithfully we continue to place shoes on them as He provides. It is hard to imagine that on an Island only 4 plus miles long and 3/4 of a mile wide that we have not yet reached all the communities in the 5 years we have been here! With that in mind, our ministry never stops and we continue to press on for His glory in loving on the people and the feet here. Blessings from this little corner of the world into which God has placed us, and thank you for keeping us lifted up in prayer. Many thanks to all of you! As you give, we go. We could not do this without you partnership.

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  1. Dear Greg and Natalie~ Love this post and the abiding contentment that can remain yours as you lay each day out before the Lord waiting for His instruction from His Living Word. I'm sure it could get overwhelming as you see needs that reach beyond just shoes for feet. But I am reminded of your feet that are fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace and please know that you are providing more than just shoes for the physical body; but peace for the heart as you live out the love of Jesus before these dear ones the Lord has given to you. When you get to Heaven, you will be amazed at the revelation knowledge of the Living Christ that has been imparted to these souls. Amazing Love. Amazing Grace. Be Blessed!