Friday, June 8, 2012

Making New Friends and Loving On The Kids

We have started to attend a little home church, here on Isla Mujeres the past few months, and it is great to meet new people. Through going to the home church, we have been able to reach out to the community that surrounds them and love on some new kids. Our extended family came down with some friends for a couple of weeks and brought shoes for the ministry, as well as buying some from the local merchants. It was such a blessing to have folks do the handing out with us so that we can take more photos, and also take the opportunity to visit with the people longer. As all of you who have had the pleasure of going with us know first hand it can get rushed sometimes, to say the least. Yesterday we got to go with the Pastor and his wife to meet a family with very special kids. Emma, the 17 year old girl, and Ricardo who is 14, do not speak. Emma has ear problems, and Ricardo hears well but for some reason does not speak. We took them both one of the "In Touch Ministries" recorders we obtained for more outreach opportunities here. The photos say it all as they lit up with joy hearing the word. Ricardo did not put his down or stop listening the entire hour we were there, and now and then he would look up, give us 2 thumbs up, grinning from ear to ear. It is always humbling for us, as continue to seek out His will, that He uses us for such occasions as this. As we were leaving, Martha the mom came out with a gift for us. It was a rose she had made out of fish scales. The ability so many of our new friends have to take stuff we would throw away and turn it into such beauty is pretty neat. We keep seeking out new avenues to venture down, and kids to love on, as the summer months are gaining momentum here in the Caribbean. We ask that prayer be lifted up for this tiny Island in regards to the Hurricane season approaching. That we are missed for another year here, as has been the case the last 5 years. Blessings from I sla Mujeres

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  1. Hi Greg and Natalie!
    How wonderful you have found a home church and wonderful too about the recorders. That makes my heart sing that they can hear God's Word and be strengthened and encouraged!!
    Can the recorders be purchased?
    Will be praying for continued protection during the hurrican season.
    And, thanks again for all you are doing for Jesus' sake!