Thursday, April 26, 2012

April is disappearing in a hurry and the heat is starting to come upon us for the summer months ahead. Greg is going to be completely done with the painting he took on 9 months ago at the condominiums and what a celebration we are going to have this Friday. We have had a lot of visitors this past month that have blessed Islazapatos with tons of shoes and a whole lot of love for the kids here. We have been blessed with the continued flow of shoes coming our way along with another opportunity God gave us. A dear friend gave us a website through In Touch Ministries that give out little recorders with 35 messages and the New Testament on them. They come with a charger and are also solar powered for those without electricity. We qualified and received 30 of them a few weeks ago. Our beloved friend Cecilia was the first recipient and what a blessings to see the peace of God wash over her as she sat and listened to the word. She is one of many folks we have met here that are illiterate so needless to say we are so excited to hand these out and allow His word to minister to them. Gods grace continues to give us good health and protection from the many things we face each day here in the Tropics. So much is taken for granted in our lives but we always give thanks to God for the little things each day as we pursue His Kingdom and love on the wonderful people we have gotten to know over the years.

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