Sunday, March 11, 2012

People Who Love...

There are so many people who share their love for the children of Isla Mujeres by giving of their time, their resources, and their creativity! We want to thank each and every one of you for your gracious love and support for Zapatos Para Los Ninos. Denny and Rose brought us a unique gift this year. A Papa Noel Zapatos bag! We can't wait to deliver shoes from this cool sack!!!! Also, Debbie picked out these sparkling shoes for one of God's special little princesses. Some little girl is going to have a huge smile on her face when she walks away in these! Ryan gave us some beautiful photos, and along with Alicia, took the time to help us deliver shoes. We would like to thank you all by name, but your names are already indelibly printed on our hearts and imprinted on the lives of the people here, whom you have so generously given to. You know who you are, and God has seen you water the garden of His precious little ones. Our motto continues to be, "As He has given to us, so we give to you..." , and as you give, we go! It is a tremendous blessing to be supported by YOU, and as we start into this next year of ministry here, we look back with grateful hearts for the wonderful people who have been, and are, standing beside us in partnership. We love you all, and from the bottom of our hearts say, "Muchas Gracias"!

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