Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is it June already?

It is simply amazing to us here on Isla Mujeres that time slips away so quickly. We have had a very busy past month with shoes and visitors. We can't thank the faithful supporters of our ministry enough for their sacrifices in giving so we can provide shoes for the children here. Knowing that times are tough for everyone to make ends meet blesses us beyond measure as the support continues to comes in at the perfect time. A group of 16 just left this past weekend from Missouri that came down to do other missions work yet found time to bless us with over 180 pairs of shoes. The non-profit Organization, P.E.A.C.E. here on Isla Mujeres gave us enough money to buy 50+ pairs of shoes and then our core supporters sent in their monthly support as well. We took the group up in Guadalapana and let them experience our world first hand and what a blessing they were. We keep loving on the kids here and are so gladdened to be riding down the road on our Moto and hear our names called from the kids walking around. We were overwhelmed by Manuelin the other day when we handed out shoes with the group from Missouri. He told them that a lot of people come and live here on the island, spend a ton a money but not to help the families of the Island. He then told them that we are always helping the kids here and that they are grateful for us because of the love we show to the Island. That love he spoke about is because people from all walks of life give freely to the ministry so we can be conduits for the Lord in sharing His love. We are preparing for another round of shoes soon and will post more when we complete the task before us. Life has slowed down to a crawl here with the tourist season in the down swing but the folks keep smiling and are thankful for what they have each day.

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