Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Shoes finally Arrived

Well, as we have stated before, "Nothing happens fast in Mexico." The shoes for Fernanda and her brothers finally got here. Her cousin that is living with them received a pair as well as we saw it only fitting for her to be included. Thanks to the support from faithful people, we took them to the shoe store and let them pick out a special pair. Mom had a lot of input as well and then we had to wait for them to arrive. Here are the photos of the kids with their newly purchased shoes and much thanks included. We have a group coming from U.S.A. the end of June that are bringing $100.00usd each to buy shoes and go with us to hand them out. There will be a total of 16 people in the group. Hope we can fill the demand as the Island is preparing for the off season and might not have the quantity on hand to fill the order. God is good all the time and we will continue to trust in His provisions as the time approaches. The weather is warming up early this year and no rain for 3 months to speak of. We are always learning new aspects from the locals about this wonderful culture and continue to fall deeper in love with them.

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