Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More shoes and lots more love

We see from our last post that a month has already raced past and August is coming sooner than we want. We handed out shoes last week and saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. It was a special day for us since school is out and the kids were all there to greet us. When school is in session, we miss 1/2 the kids since they go half days and strange hours throughout the week. As we loved on the kids and handed out shoes, we were reminded of how fast they are growing up. These two guys were 9 when we met them and not very big but wow, what three plus years will do for a growing kid. We have seen a swing in the older ones in the way of fashion desire. It is very cute to see that they become a little bit more aware of styles. It is not that they are not grateful but we want to be sensitive to their surroundings and love on them none the less. Crocs... or a pair of flip flops with some bling on them is all we are talking about and the price is the same. The little ones still like the kick off in a hurry style so that when they want to run fast or rough house, off go the shoes and away they go. They are still kids at heart and such a joy to watch when they interact here. They create silly games to pass the time and you hardly ever see them quarreling. We have visitors coming in August with shoes and lots of love to share. Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue to march forward and love on the kids here.

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