Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blessing a whole family

Fernanda and her family have been our friends for about 3 years here on the Island and such a sweet family they are. We first met them when we handed out shoes to the "Hillside Gang", a group of kids that are always out playing on the hillside when we pass on the Moto. We first took Fernanda down to a little shoe store and blessed her with new school shoes a few years back. One day, they were gone and we could not locate them. The neighbors around them said "No they do not live here any more." Well, for those of you that have spent time in this culture know what that means. They answered our question correctly, and we forgot to ask the next one. "Do they still live here on the Island and if so, where?" As we were on our way home a couple of weeks ago, enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean to our left we heard of yell to our right. There across an undeveloped lot stood Fernanda and her two brothers yelling "Natalie... Gregorio", jumping up and down with radiant smiles beaming. We had found their new location and decided to bless them as a whole family this time. We took them down to the shoe store and let them pick out shoes. They all ended up having to order them from the catalog, but they got what they wanted. (With a lot of guidance from Mom.) We will update as soon as they get the shoes and let you see the results. The photo with Natalie and the lady is Fernandas Mom, Maria

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