Thursday, April 14, 2011

Helping Hands

We feel the Lord's blessing from top to bottom when we are enabled by our supporters to buy shoes, and then with the Helping Hands of others who care, distribute them.
A profound thank you to all. You know who you are, and most importantly, God knows who you are. His Word clearly mandates caring for the poor and needy. It is simply the right thing to do however one undertakes to do it. These are some photos of just one small way to care for others. (We often remark that what our beautiful friends lack in worldly goods, they seem to more than make up for in close family ties and joyful hearts. Monetary poverty is difficult, spiritual poverty is depressing. Our longing is to make the journey less difficult, and to restore a vision of heaven in hearts that have lost their way. Please join with us in prayer for this.)
Love Always In Jesus,
Greg and Natalie

1 comment:

  1. Some days you get up and wonder what God is going to put in your life that day. Then "BAM" along comes a couple of people with a goal and purpose who allow you to be part of that effort. The stongest prayer is an action, and I witnessed so much prayer on Isla. Love you guys.
    Jerry & Ann