Monday, March 28, 2011

What are you well known for?

"Si, Natalie y Gregorio usted es bien conocido en Isla." This is what we were greeted with one day as we paid for our umbrella on the beach. She was smiling with great delight as she said this to us and we were not sure what she had expressed. Natalie whipped out the dictionary as she always does, eager to learn a new word or phrase and we were humbled upon learning what she had said to describe us. We had talked to her once before several months back and wanted to refresh our memories with her name. She told us it was Karina and then as Natalie started to tell her ours, she stopped her and Said,"Yes, Natalie and Gregorio are well known on Isla." It gave Greg something to ponder for the rest of the day as we sat and watched the world pass by us on the beach. What are we well known for here on Isla? It is a reflection of Christ? Is it an example worthy of following? Is it one of kindness, patience, gentleness? It made me think about the years past and the stops we have made during our journey with God. How will we be remembered in those places when we cross their minds? We can all be well known in the community, whether it is for good or bad. This little island has the ability to let your actions be known from one end to the other in very little time. We try and live a quiet life and mind our own business here on Isla Mujeres as we go about seeking to do His will as He has laid it before us in our ministry. This statement Karina shared with us was very encouraging as she smiled and reassured us that she knew who we were. How well known are you in your neighborhood or community? Maybe your whole town or city knows of you. Is it good to be well known for who you are and what you do? We have a heart to love these kids here and do all we can to share Jesus with them however that may be. Shoes, playing a game with them, buying them a bottle of water on the beach, or stopping along the road as they walk home from school and give them a high five. We give the glory to God for all that He is doing here through us and the folks that keep coming to the Island that He puts before us to share with. With all the travelers we have met, gosh, we could be known around the world..... and we pray that it is more for the good deeds than bad.

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  1. You are well known because the love of Jesus is becoming well known on Isla through you both.
    God's lovingkindness to speak encouragement into our hearts along the journey is wonderful.
    Bless you guys!