Saturday, May 11, 2013

We did it again

YES!!!!! We did it again. We let another 2 months pass and no updates. Please forgive us. We returned to the States for the first time in over a year and a half for the birth of our first Grand child. We welcomed into this wonderful world little "Locket Laveda Lockhart" on April 12, 2013. What an amazing thing it is, to be a part of such a marvelous event. Upon returning we hit the ministry field with four wonderful ladies on the 2nd of May with over 275 pairs of shoes going out to the kids here. Every pair of feet went out the door with new shoes and a great big smile on their faces. God is so gracious to us in providing a constant flow of support from folks abroad and in allowing us to be a part of His grand plan. Thank you Jesus and all that continue to help us "LOVE" the kids here in this beautiful part of the world. Met some new visitors the other day and a person who has lived here for a lot of years and they both had the same conclusion. The people that live here are by far the friendliest and giving folks they have ever been around. That is the main theme about the locals here on Isla Mujeres and we agree with them one hundred percent. Our shoe ministry stretches across so many areas of outreach with the locals. One great testimony of your love for them through us is with Ely, our shoe store lady. Not seeing her for a few months and returning from our trip, I thought I should go and see her before our next shoe buy. I was greeted by her friendly smile and hello but she seemed a little down on this day. Asking her what was wrong, she informed me that she had been sitting there praying to Jesus (her photo of Him on her wall) all day. I was her first customer in the door and she was asking Jesus what she should do since she was three months late on her rent. I smiled, felt such great joy, and asked her if $12,000 pesos would help her situation. She gave me a big hug and started crying and thanking Jesus for her angels, Greg and Natalie. The four ladies showed up two days later and bought $12,500 pesos worth of shoes and her rent was caught up once again. We are so humbled to watch how God uses us for His glory and it all goes to Him. So off we went to blessed Guadalapana with all those shoes and a few more for the next trip somewhere here on Isla as God leads. We have also been able to hand out numerous Bibles to both the locals and also a missionary named Rueben from here who is taking the Bibles into villages around Chiapas. The summer heat is starting to rise and we are back settling in for the summer. Thanks for being patient with us as we continue to try and keep pace with our blog and life as well. Blessings from Isla Mujeres and Thanks for remembering us in your prayers.

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