Monday, October 10, 2011


We have referred to this word many times in our past postings, and it is still one we find worth pondering. Time never stops moving forward. We can not turn it back as much as we would like to sometimes. "Timing is everything" is a favorite phrase in our society. "Time just got away from me... where did the time go?... I don't have the time. We use it in many ways to either excuse ourselves from not keeping an appointment or recognizing that time really did get way from us and wonder how it happened. We just returned from a 3 week visit to Oregon to see family and our wonderful son graduate from The Art Institute of Portland in Photography. Sitting down this morning I realized it has been a "Long Time" since the last posting. We have had folks from around the states contact us and deliver shoes here for the kids. Met many new visitors on the beach and given the chance to share why we are here and what we are doing. We took one family into a new colonial to hand out shoes and the need is great everywhere. We are still amazed at the response over a new pair of flip flops or sandals for those precious little feet. So many parents let us know that we came at the perfect "TIME" as their other shoes had just fallen apart. As we continue to share and show others our journey here, they have taken it upon themselves to come again and go hand out shoes on their own. Praise God for their love for the kids and desire to keep impacting them in little ways. We keep seeking out God's will with each rising sun and He continues to leads us to new families and friends.

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  1. Kairos -- the right or opportune moment -- God has given you many of these as you have left all behind and followed His lead. And how wonderful, too, that you have opened the door to others and given them the opportunity to share wonderful experience with you.
    God bless!!!!