Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December outreach and Island life

Well.. 2011 is here and off with a bang. The island has been pretty quiet for almost two years since the Swine Flu episode. This Holiday season has been a great one for the locals as the Tourists have returned to the Island. It is so nice to see the businesses flourishing once again. The day is filled with laughter down at the beaches as folks enjoy the warm weather and crystal clear waters of Isla Mujeres. Our final shoe fitting was a wonderful time as we were joined by Natalies sister and her husband that came to visit. We were also blessed by Betsy Snider (no relation to us) who made 80 plus hats for the kids. It was a grand early Christmas party for the precious kids in Guadalapana as we distributed clothes, shoes, toys, and hats. The year was a blessing for us as folks supported the shoe ministry which allowed us to love on the kids here. ...THANKS EVERYONE...

We keep learning so much from these kind and gracious people here on the Island as we continue to make friends and further the relationships we already have on a daily basis. One particular young man comes to mind for this posting. We have watched him for the last 3 years sprint up and down the beach trying to etch out a living by selling his goods. He always has a smile and a kind word when he passes. His English is flourishing as he asks questions about the usage of certain words and then off he goes practicing on the next group down the beach. Such a joy to watch. The other day we got another lesson in life as Natalie was trying to find out when his birthday was. As the conversation continued, I was starting to realize that he had no idea what day he was born. All he knew was that January 1, he was going to be 18. Does it really matter if he knew his date of birth? We guess it would if you needed to get some official document, apply for a job, or get a loan. Here, in Mexico, we were once again reminded of the simple yet rewarding life many lead without all the details that can tend to bog us down. He is happy to have a job running up and down the pristine beaches of Isla Mujeres, learning a new language, and meeting folks from all over the world. He is so full of life each day and we so look forward to seeing his radiant face coming down the beach. He always leaves us with a "God be with you" in both Spanish and English as he heads off to try and make a few Pesos. We hope that this new year will be one living a simple life, being content in all circumstance, and full of joy. We are off and running with the shoe ministry as another wonderful supporter has blessed us with a donation for the kids. Happy New Year everyone.

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