Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Touching Families for His Kingdom

As most of you back in the United States are starting to see the change in the weather, we are experiencing a change in the flow of tourists. Our weather does not change all that much compared to yours, so we see the changes in other areas. It has been in the high 80's-low 90's during the days and COOLING OFF to the low 80's at night. Today it is 73 but expected to reach 91. What a change for us, 73 to start the day, are you kidding me? We know it will not last for long but we rejoice in the Lord for the wonderful morning to enjoy.

The Island is seeing the big swing in tourist as September through November is dead time here. With this season upon us, the locals are hopeful that they were able to put away enough to live on until Thanksgiving or even Christmas. It was not a strong season for them here compared to the years past so we hear and see the effects around the Island in greater numbers. The Lord provided through our faithful supporters enough to help a couple of the families we know in a simple but profound way. One of the families is a single mom with 4 children and she makes a living making and selling jewelry on the beach. She starts her day by making sure those kids are taken care of first, the daily chores around the home, and then after the kids return from school, she goes out around 3pm to try and sell her goods. Anyone who has visited the Island has seen that by 3 pm, the day trippers are loading back up and headed back to Can Cun. She misses the bulk of the visitors each day but her first priority are her kids and we admire her for that. She shared with us a few weeks ago that her oldest child was the only one going to school this term since she did not have enough to buy the supplies required for the other 3. Prayer request went out, God answered it and we were blessed to be able to go and buy all the supplies for her 4 children and they started school with the rest of the Island kids. Simple acts of love that are impacting families for the rest of their lives. Thank you Jesus.

The other family we got to love on through you has been a long process but so rewarding. From a "Purpose Driven Life" book to begin with, to new roofing and a cement floor in the house, Benito and family are so grateful to God for the love shown them by you. We have watched this house transform into a home full of joy and contentment from your gifts of love. Benito searches for a steady income on the Island to meet their daily needs as the little day jobs keep finding him and he keeps trusting in Jesus to meet these needs. Such a testimony of ones faith which is always good to see as a reminder for us as to where everything comes from in the first place. We were able to bless their oldest son Angel with school supplies as well to start the year. The photos tell the story, such joy in little things. Paper, pencils, pens, calculator, erasers, glue sticks, compass, and a chance to better their future by attending school another term. Thanks for the support as well share with you some of the adventures we get to take because of your love and support. Until next time, we keep our fixed on the Lord as He leads us along the road of life.

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