Thursday, April 1, 2010

All in the family

Greetings once again from the land of sand and sun. The weather has turned for us... we believe and it feels like the warm season is starting to take hold. The winter has been a chilly for the locals of Isla Mujeres but they faried well and survived it with smiles as always. Greg's mother and our son Ryan came for a visit and what a blessing itwas to spend time with them. We took them around and they helped us distribute shoes in some of our favorite places. To see their hearts moved by the hand of God as they shared in the ministry God has given us here was a blessing beyond measure. Mom reconnected with many of the vendors that she got to know during her first trip here a year or so ago. They all remembered her and as usual, blessed her far beyond anything she was expecting. They lavished her with many items from the goods they sell here but would take no money for it. They kept telling her, "For Gregorio's mama, gratis". We had to keep reminding her that the right thing to do is simply receive it and to thank them. We keep being reminded of how Jesus loved people and the Epistles emphasis the fact that love is the greatest gift of all. We get hung up on the other facets of life and have to be reminded that love is the basis of everything pertaining to life. Our son was refreshed during his break from another term of college and we were blessed by his freshness in the way he views life. Thanks Mama Snider and son for coming down and loving on us in such a marvelous way. We are heading into Easter Weekend where we are to meet up with a family for the service and then go buy shoes with them. Another blessing from God for a family that we have never met, yet through the moving of the Holy Spirit, found us and want to lend a hand. We are excited as we keep pressing forward for His glory here on the Island and seeing His will being manifested before us and we walk in obedience. May your Easter be one of reflection as to why Jesus went to the cross and how the love of God keeps being poured out on His children each and every day. blessing from the little rock in the Caribbean of Isla Mujeres.

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