Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Progressive Connections

One day, while driving the moto past a hillside of rubble, rocks, glass, and a chicken or two, we saw a gang of kids playing. We dubbed them “The Hillside Gang” and prayed about bringing them shoes, as we saw none on their feet.

The next time we passed by we stopped and struck up a “conversation” with a few of the kids, traced their feet on paper, and promised to return with zapatos. After some quick shopping, we brought several children brand new zapatos, and they rewarded us with huge smiles and hugs. It was fun driving by “The Hillside Gang” after that, and seeing them running around with shoes on their feet.

After a few months, we stopped by again with shoes to replace the ones that were falling off their feet, and many of the parents came to meet us. We noticed a little girl in desperate need of new shoes for school. We took her photo, and prayed for money to buy

her some school shoes. The next day, we got word that some dear people sent us shoe

money! One problem…. we didn’t know the little girls name, we only knew the area she lived in. But, we had her photograph and knew what she looked like.

On a random errand to buy something from a local store, Greg was surprised to see the little girl in need of school shoes standing next to him, so he was able to get her name. The very next day we saw her walking down the street with her mother, and we were able to set up a time to take her shopping for shoes. Her mother entrusted her into our care, and she went with two virtual strangers to go shopping.

That excursion led to 2 more school shoe shopping excursions, with parents entrusting their children into our care. From that experience, we were invited into the home of one of the children, and soon after that we were invited to a birthday party.

From total strangers, to occasional contact, to being entrusted with the children of others,

to an invitation into a home, to a family party, God is making connections for us.

As we seek to be used by God, to be an extension of His love, He is going before us and lighting our way. We marvel that He would use a couple of incompetents like us to do His will, and are humbled beyond belief by His grace in doing so.

One glance, one child, one foot, one shoe, one life… in a sea of people, He continues to make the world a beautiful place transforming one heart at a time.

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