Tuesday, May 26, 2009

outreach ministry to Rancho Viejo

Well... today we went to Rancho Viejo, the providence of Isla Mujeres over on the main land back of Cancun. We took Rance, Bender, and Andrew, the three young men from the States that came down to do missions work. Alfonso, the minister from a church in cancun picked us up, took us out to his church where he dropped us off, left. We were in the midst of strangers for the next 4 hours. What a treat is was to come along side of fellow believers who were there in the little church to serve food and share Jesus with the 30 plus kids that we gathered outside of the school and walked them over. We made friends on the way, even though the Spanish is not happening from my perspective, but God is a God of universal languages and love. He broke down the barriers, we loved on them none the less and had a great time watching and helping. The photos speak for themselves as we sat and listened, danced and sang with them, and then ate. Afterwards we went out and played soccer in the street, since we were pretty much in the middle of a jungle but the street was a wonderful soccer field. Lots of laughs today and warm smiles from all. The staff there are true servants of the Lord as they ushered in the kids, taught the word with the felt board, fed the hungy little tummies, and then off they went after a little bit of legos and soccer. They even had Vegie Tales in Spanish for them. Sweet stuff since it has been many years since we have watched Larry boy go for it. God is so amazing as we see new things, meet new brothers and sisters in our walk down here. Enjoy and talk with you soon.

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  1. Dear Greg and Natalie,
    What a very enriched life you are living!
    Thank you for sharing your opportunities and what God is accomplishing through you for the sake of His Loving Name.
    We know you give all the glory to Jesus and rightly so. God's calling will continue to be your provision in every realm.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to give you His Light and direction for each new day.

    Cheri D (Bend)

    "The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD." Psalm 37:23

    Too many habitually pray to have clear sight for 'tomorrow,' when they should be praying for light and direction for TODAY. All tomorrow rest on today. Tomorrow I keep for you: TODAY I give to you. What you do with today determines what I will be enabled to give you tomorrow." Excerpt taken from On The Highroad of Surrender by Frances Roberts.