Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sojourning In Mexico

One thing we have noticed, while sojourning in Mexico, is that when we have visitors our normal life routine stops in its tracks. We still have to take care of “business”, but guests in our humble home cause us to relax, and re-enjoy the beauty of our island home. There was some guilt feelings about not doing more shoe ministry, while enjoying Blaine and Bethany Franger’s company from Hood River, and in taking that before the Lord, He reminded us, in the sweet way that He does, that life doesn’t need to be constantly busily engaged in “outward ministry” to be lived right in His sight. We have the privilege to host people that come from busy lives in the states, and if we can supply them with time to relax, re-energize, re-new, re-commit, be re-stored, re-focus on the precious treasures of life in Christ, then we need to realize that we are fulfilling His plan His way.

That said, we have been doing outreach into new areas of the island in our spare time. While driving by a mini-super store, we noticed several children playing on a small hillside covered with glass, metal, rocks, and other unmentionable items. Of course the first thing we want to check out is their feet! No shoes! So we pull over the moto to call to them. Shy at first, they slowly make their way to us as we introduce ourselves the best we can. Greg is great at making them feel comfortable as his antics make them laugh. When we get their names, we let them know we would like to give them some shoes, and ask if we can trace their feet on a piece of paper. It seems like a game, and they always laugh at the sight of their foot outlined on the paper. (They probably have no idea what the crazy gringos are up to, but they do understand us when we say we will return soon.)

After getting “feet” measured, and names written down, we make the trip to town to peruse the shops in hopes of finding the right sizes for the little adorable feet we traced.

This requires prayer as shops may or may not have shoes and we can wander for hours just trying to find them. (Plus, when they give us shoe sizes, if it is Mexican 17, how does that convert to European or USA sizes?! And, was that children or adult? These three different measuring systems are not even close to each other.) We have no Wal Mart, Costco, or PayLess Shoe outlet promising shoes, only little mom and pop stores that stock up now and then. As we make our way around town, people wonder why we are buying so many shoes, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to share Zapatos Para Los Ninos!

Once we have managed to “score” our shoes, we then return to find many happy and anxious faces awaiting us, usually accompanied now by moms and dads.

As we put feet into shoes we tell them that as God has given to us, we give to them, from our hearts, because of Jesus.

Just another day in the life!

Thank you, as always, for your love, prayers, and support. We go because you give.

Love “mucho”!

Greg and Natalie

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