Monday, March 2, 2009

God's love in Isla Mujeres!

This blog spot was created to put friends in touch with the things that the Lord is doing in Isla Mujeres through our friends, Greg & Natalie Snider!

They have now been in Isla for over a year, and God has opened up a door for them to minister to the kids who are in need in a tangible way...through shoes!!!! These children are simply precious, and Greg & Natalie have devoted their lives to sharing God's love and going wherever He asks them to go!

Many people have visited the Snider's in Isla, but until you get there, you have no sense of the enormity of God's plan for their lives! It is inspiring, encouraging, and contagious! So much so that people from all over the country are now supporting what they do!

If you want to support Greg & Natalie, prayer is always the most key! They never forget their purpose in Isla Mujeres, but prayer for safety, provision and endurance to run the race would be mucho mucho great! Tangibly, there is a church that is their covering in Trukee, CA and are taking donations on their behalf:

Calvary Chapel of Truckee
PO Box 2691
Truckee, CA 96160

Please designate on the memo, “Shoes For The Children” & a sticky note that says, “For Greg and Natalie Snider, Isla Mujeres, MX”

Also, if you haven't received the latest newsletter from Greg & Natalie, I'll post it below.

Please check in from time to time to get updates, pics and a slice of life in Mexico!

Oregon Friends!

Snider’s Mexico Adventure Newsletter Jan./ Feb. 2009

Hello and Happy New Year!

We have had a wonderful start to our new year by having 3 weeks of company! Aimee Bailargeon and Nicole Perkey came down from Bend, and endured the tropics in some of the coolest weather we have had in a year! We actually had to wear sweatshirts! They also joined us on a short “Zapatos Para Los Nino’s” excursion, and they will probably never know just what a help they were. It was great to see them swarmed by children putting out their little feet and hoping they would find a fit.

Natalie’s folks from Manhattan came as well, and we feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with them. Life changes dramatically for us when we have guests. We use visitors as an excuse to do a little at home “vacationing” ourselves and it is so fun to introduce them to our new home and new life. Outside of that, it is the little things that challenge us and encourage us day by day.

When we are not “vacationing” with friends and family, we walk through life very slowly here on Isla Mujeres. Greg continues to be involved with La Gloria English School on a daily basis, while Natalie works half days, and the rest of the time we just ask God to make us available. Available to Him, as He works in and through us the things that are well pleasing in His sight. It is marvelous to know that it is God’s work, pressing through the weaknesses of humanity, to bring about the beautiful things He purposes for human lives.

Sometimes we suppose all that really matter in this life is how lives connect and we touch each others hearts with God’s healing and grace. One little boy that continues to touch our lives with joy and healing is from the tar paper shack community called Guadalupana where we distribute shoes. He hasn’t gotten a pair yet, as we never seem to have his size right, or he comes too late and the shoes are gone, yet he always flashes us a radiant smile and hopes for a pair the next time. Some children weep, but he dazzles us with a smile and runs off barefoot with an “hasta luego”. Maybe next time, little friend, but thank you for your joy. It has touched our hearts with Gods healing grace.

Greg’s availability has led to another opportunity to touch the life of a man going through a difficult time in his marriage. Greg has been consistent in reaching out to him and always takes the time to sit on a rock somewhere to talk. Last week he was at our house and confessed to Greg that he doesn’t understand the Bible at all, even though he tries to read it. He asked Greg if he would meet with him on Sundays to teach him how to read and understand it. Timeless truths to bring him healing and hope for the future, while Greg is touched that God would use him to help another fellow human being walk a few more steps down the road. A special grace for Gregorio.

We are humbled every day by the grace of God. We are astounded by His desire to bring healing to a people, including us, who are desperate for something that transcends this earth. Everyday, He tells us, His mercies are new, so we cling to Him in our weakness, thank Him for His strength, and say, “Here we are, God. Use us. Use us to do the impossible, use us to do what only You can do. Use our lives to connect with others and touch them for eternity.”

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We love you and thank our great God for you. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to renew our visa’s, and please pray that we will be open to whatever He has for us. We are still struggling along to learn the language, but love has no language barriers, so we ask that you will pray for us to love well and live right.

May you be blessed today, and everyday, as you remember the greatest love connection of all. Jesus.

Hasta Luego, dear friends!

Greg and Natalie